does this add up?

First night’s sleep that I have had which lasted for 8 hours (only a couple of short awakenings in between) and no toilet breaks and no arthritis this year! The pillow seems to work. Insomnia and arthritis are linked? Check out the notes in Health/Soho and see link below.

It was about a year ago I had the visual problem when I started seeing flashing lights behind me as I turned my head. This was accompanied by occasional blurred, misty vision. Afterwards I started getting “jet-lag'” symptoms and my sleeping patterns changed so that I was getting less sleep overall, no drowsy sleep and just getting by with REM sleep.

I was then diagnosed as having diabetes and later my arthritis increased in intensity and frequency. All along though, I felt conscious that there may be something else. My circadian rhythms ( had changed and I wondered whether this was due to melatonin ¬†( problems. Doctor Sebastian didn’t think so. But my feeling that there is a connection persists.

Nurse Gillian, of course, suggested that a weakened immune system (caused by my statins) could have triggered arthritis and pancreatic/insulin (plus melatonin/pineal damage?) problems – giving me diabetes. A weakened immune system would also likely have given me psoriasis and eczema which only started a few years ago.

Check out insomnia and weakened immune system at:–treating-insomnia-improve-condition.html#ixzz2ClDyjXN3

I also wonder whether the constant nose bleed in my right nostril has anything to do with anything.


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