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Fairlop Waters

My last sporting event here, at Fairlop Waters, was kayaking when I showed the family how to do an eskimo roll. This time Sheila and I cycled there with Louisa, Julian and Tove and Harper in the cycle cart.

It was a blisteringly hot day and Julian had already run to our house to collect his bike. So he was quite exhausted but, if he had opted for it, he could have jumped into the lake and completed a triathlon.

there are boulders to climb

and Lou and I do!

and there is an Olympic “secret” stone statue that makes noises and music


the secret is to rest!

When I get home I calculate that Sheila and I have cycled 26.78 km and burnt over 800 calories. This maybe one of our longest rides so far and Sheila is now blase about the stinging nettles along the Roding. Well, they certainly are not as bad as the ones behind the Suntrap and even they pale to insignificance to those I encountered going to Yardley Hill.

Our routes were:



the real Pepper Alley

I took the car and bike to High Beech and set off to find Pepper Alley. Again it was illusive and I ended up pushing and carrying my bike through nettles and brambles till I got to the Owl and realised where Pepper Alley was.

I carried on through Gilwell Park and onto Yardley Hill with it’s amazing views over the King George V Reservoir and the new London skyline.

looking from Yardley Hill over the reservoirs towards the city

My homeward journey definitely took me through Pepper Alley!

and here’s the proof!

My route was:

looking for Pepper Alley

We didn’t find Pepper Alley but instead scrambled along a narrow and overgrown footpath behind the Suntrap conservation centre getting stung and scratched. But did things like that put Dr. Livingstone off exploring?

fashion shoot by the Strawberry Pond

the cattle are now roaming free!

what used to be the police armed response centre is now this

the start of Pepper Alley looks idyllic

but this is more divine

looking at the sun….from Mars

Latest from NASA is an interactive panoramic view of Mars from Rover and an additional banner for this site?

Mo Farah pips me in the 5000 metres

We had our  annual garden party for LUSH yesterday and spent the day preparing food and drink. I cooked a delicious 3 kilo of rib steak beef which everyone said was the best they’d eaten, a sentiment I shared.

When a break occurred I took the opportunity to go for a run through the town towards Debden and thereafter through the forest. It turned out to be just over 5 kilometres. Coincidentally, I discovered that the 5000 metres was being run in the Olympics that night and I was curious to see the event and compare times. Mo Farah won for Team GB in 13+ minutes which I think slightly beats my time of 35 minutes.

My run:

I can’t believe I beat Mike!

PS Thom tells me he can run 5000 metres in 20 or so minutes!

olympic triathlon

I should have gone to see the Triathlon at hyde Park with Louisa, Julian, Tove and Harper but my arthritis and diabetes suggested otherwise. Nevertheless, it looks interesting and the sort of thing I could do – minus the swimming (Loughton Pool is only 25 metres and that would mean 60 laps!)

Rover lands on Mars

The 4th (?) landing on Mars is a curiosity called Rover, the size of an elephant and supposedly massively more functional than it’s predecessors. The vehicle is actually called the Curiosity Rover, a mixture of names referring obliquely to both cats and dogs.

Anyway, despite fear for it’s safe landing, it has arrived and I await for further news that may shed more light on my banner to this blog!

first picture from Mars – the haze is caused by dust on the leans after landing.

Mount Sharp, Mars